Clinical Intervention

Therapy, Consultation, Clinical Supervision, Community Education, Seminars and Workshops

Dream. Big. Now. Workshop

It is nearly impossible to plan for a brighter future without being able to envision what you want and that requires dreaming.  Trust me to help your child explore and dream again.

Grief Group

When we lose someone or something of value things are never the same.  We have to accept that "things are different now."  In this group, children will be supported and encouraged while they talk about the changes and find new strength.

Human Sex Trafficking Seminar

In a 2014 report, the Urban Institute estimated that the underground sex economy ranged from $39.3 million in Denver, Colorado to $290 million in Atlanta, Georgia.

Parenting Group

It's "time to pull the rug back!"  In this group, parents and caregivers will discuss their children's challenges, their challenges (past and present) and how to move forward.  It's time to heal!

Now I Know: SOC Training

Child sexual abuse is devastating and likely to leave a lifelong imprint on the heart, mind and spirit.  Join me for a training that will help you better protect our children.